Shaun Stephens



Pat Clohessy
I was incredibly fortunate to be coached by Pat in my teens and to this day he remains a mentor. He taught me the importance of patience, persistence and faith in one’s own ability.  I treasure Pat’s generosity and wisdom. Pat is one of Australia’s greatest distance running coaches. Most notably, he coached marathon runner Robert de Castella.

Jackie Fairweather, Rina Hill, Lizel Moore
These incredible women are all accomplished triathletes in their own right. They generously shared their time and expertise as training partners and mentors. Their love of triathlon is infectious and I was fortunate that they shared it with me.

Nothing would be possible without the love and support of my family.

Homes Away from Home

These wonderful families have welcomed me into their homes so that I can pursue the triathlon dream. My time with them was precious.

Peter and Vicki McKenzie
Gold Coast, Australia

Bonnie and Brian Davidoff
Los Angeles, USA

Liz and Larry Bodemhammer
San Diego, USA

Holly and Brian
Boulder, USA